How To Find Expired Domains For Your PBN With Ahrefs.

If you have been building  PBN’s of late, you must have heard it been said over and over again that google is very interested in topical sites linking to each other.

Take for example a domain or website that has to do with cars. Most of the pages linking to it or domains pointing to it should be domains that are related in one way or another to the auto industry.

Note that I said most.

So right now every PBN builder is looking for relevant expiring or expired domains that can be used to build niche specific Private Blog networks.

How is it done?

There are many ways to do this. In fact there are whole teams and companies dedicated and set up to do just this.

For the small guys like us,it might cost a lot to find general domains talkless of niche domains for your pbn.

Let me show you a simple way to do with

You need 2 basic things.

  1. A Seed Domain with authority and loads of pages.
  2. Excel
  3. subscription

Stage 1.

In this example am looking for a domain in the gardening niche, so the first thing i will do is to find a domain name with authority and loads of pages in that niche.

So i go to and type gardening.

I pick the first site,

It has over 13,500 indexed pages in google, an alexa rank of 17377 and a Domain Authority of 68.

Stage 2.

I then load up and put the domain in. ahrefs

Under outgoing links, click on broken links. ahrefs broken links

We are looking for websites or pages that has linked out to but are no longer available. broken links

Ahrefs is generous enough to allow us export an excel file.

Stage 3.

Open up the excel file, click on filter and click on the http code

Sort by only domains that have the http value code of 0.


Now copy out the list of domains and remove duplicates and clean up the ones with sub domains.

Now you have a list domains that ahrefs is saying are offline, this could mean they are expired.

Stage 4

Go to or

Click on bulk registration and paste the domains in to check which ones are available.

Pick out the available ones and check them in for Page Authority and Domain Authority, Check them in for Trust flow and Citation Flow.

Dont forget to check the anchor text and backlinks in ahrefs and majestic.

Lastly check the domain in for spam use.

if all is good, you can go ahead to register the name.

Host it, put some unique articles related to the niche and wait for googleto come and index it.


You have yourself a solid PBN domain.

All these takes time but if you do not have the money for the many tools, this a small man’s way of finding domains for your blog network.


Leave any questions below.