About Me

meMy name is Chukwuemeka Madusha and I would love to share my internet marketing experience on this blog.

Over the years, I have tried a lot different internet marketing programs, bought all buyables and made a lot of mistakes and had some successes.

I will be sharing as much as I can on this blog.

A little bit about me . . .

I have done internet marketing for 5 years.

Am single

I love and own 2 dogs (Rottweiler’s).

I love God.

I believe in an after-life.

I love entrepreneurship.

I love to travel.

I love telling stories.

My Internet Marketing Beliefs

I do not claim to be a GURU or Expert.

I believe in trying out strategies

Testing is everything, afterward scale what works and trash the rest.

Once you get a customer, please them and re-market them. Recurring is the key.

Everything of value takes time to build.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

My Goals

I hope to grow my online business portfolios in the next 2 years, to create a sustainable business model.

You can Follow me  on twitter, G+ and Facebook as I fulfill these dreams.


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